The Special Library Express: “An open-dialogue about library express stations being created in local community centers and cultural arts complexes in the United States” is a research project that provides quantitative and qualitative data and information about the need for special library express stations to be housed in different non-traditional spaces including cultural institutions, malls, art galleries, and transportation terminals.

Target areas of research are in six areas:

  • Internet Use in America
  • The Digital Divide
  • The Special Library: Role of Special Librarians in the Community
  • The Special Library: A Moving Express Station Design
  • Library User Survey
  • Dialogue: Librarians, Students, Community, Advocates

Interactive Research in Progress:

Special Library Express | Published, 2014

Read and Download | Working Abstract Research Paper

View Archived Power Point Presentation | Published, 2013

Past Research Project Dialogues:

2012 | Library 2.0 Virtual Online Conference

2013 | National Conference for African American Librarians

2014 | Texas Library Association Conference


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