The Special Library Express is a future PhD research project that discusses reasons for creating different types of (special) libraries in the community.  The library as an institution is the only place that a patron can visit and only have to present a card to access information and knowledge for free. That is a beautiful thing, don’t you think?

The general idea and design behind special library express stations:

Close your eyes and visualize arriving into the United States for the first time. You get off a plane and walk through the DFW  International Airport and see a woman standing behind a kiosk that has a sign that says: The Special Library Express Station. Curious, you stop and decide to investigate this new discovery and find out through conversation that the woman standing behind the kiosk is a librarian. The librarian explains that  all patrons have the capability to update their passport, obtain or renew their , receive information about different events that the city library is sponsoring, get a listing of the “Top 100 Books You Should Read While Traveling”, and receive a listing of city social services and transportation  information.  After explaining about the various services, the librarian asks you to spread the word about its new initiative in the community and to fill out a user experience survey. 

Now that you have visualized the idea… What are your thoughts about it?

This research project has been presented at three conferences thus far and has received constructive feedback about the working survey, the idea in general, and the importance of transforming libraries in the twenty-first century. Future plans include assembling a think tank to help with the logistics of creating the library station (kiosk), funding, and placement. The projected goal is to start this aspect of the project in 2017.


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